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Doggy Radio is a megamix of the underground radio sound and free-form FM, with the focus on Dogs. The hosts Boomer The Dog and Ricochet Sheepdog could play almost anything. . . Doggy Radio show Blog

Doggy Radio podcast 2-12-18

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Rocky the floppy Dog with a floppy disk

Page player with the 2-19-18 Doggy Radio show

*Special* Positive Hedgehog supplement, 2-19-18 *special*

*Since it wasn't heard on the main Doggy Radio show due to a lack of time

A newer audio format for browser play called Opus, with this week's show.

Night Of The Dog - 2-12-18

Ricochet is on vacation, so it's a Boom solo show. Well, it's the Year Of The Dog on the Chinese calendar, a great time to think about Dogs. Here's Boomer was once on Johnny Carson's show as a guest, and Boom hasn't been able to see or find the episode so far, but it must be out there somewhere. JaSonic was watching the Puppy Bowl, an alternative to the Super Bowl, and it had a Schnauzer named Boomer with curly little ears. E-card, 'Thanks to my Dog, I'll always have someone to kiss at midnight.' Jack Collie and a Blue Merle friend Collie have a kiss.

Boom found an overturned shield bug in a bowl in the kitchen and sprinkled some cleanser powder on it for spite. Junk Science with the school science fair, and how Boom didn't get in in the fair and made an exhibit at home instead, out of flashing roadway lights. AM 690 is getting closer to going stereo, tonight showing the exciter card to make it happen, and how it's working pretty well so far in tests. There's a way to go in actually getting it in the system though.

There are images and movies on the new Skype chat, and one has bears hugging. Four-eyes the Wolf sent in a Labrador in with a herd of sheep, and we also have a 'New Year's Eve In Dogville' picture he sent in before. Dogface Section with a Basset Hound breeder making his new website about the Dogs, and an old drawing of a Sheepdog plush by Boom.

Boom promised to get to all of the pictures tonight, but didn't make it, 5 are still left in the Dogface and Morph section.

Ric beer

Doggy Radio project staff
Ricochet Sheepdog Ricochet is a long time radio giant. Starting when he was but a pup, and working at several call signs both commercial and college. He's now in Guam like 80% of people that invested in radio school. The good thing is, he's well schooled in how to woof to you on the radio and be entertaining, or something. He does it all for you Rod. The hip people are going to see. Oh yeah, he's an Old English Sheepdog and co-creator of the Doggy Radio programme (which is way too much credit.)
Boomer Boomer The Dog, a Pyrenean Shepherd, lookin' like a mutt, a Dog who desperately wants to be a black, straight physically gay Human, satanic, hispanic quad-sexual ice cream truck driver. ..and exactly how will broadcasting help to achieve those goals?

Radio Free Roby

Radio Mongrels do it with frequency 689.985

Start with Smart

Animal guitar

Frontier Air, no frills

Airport Lizzard

Beer makes you drink it

Big party ball

Four-eyes will service this

The Worhol Museum

Digital Wah-whas

Wolf Smoon, a pot he carries

Wolf-dragon art

Tesla figure

Movico Palms

Time zones USSR

1960s love beads

Deeno Kingdom

Dogisar World everyday

Dog's ash tray

Hurtin' paddle beer

Send in Krewella DeVille

Howler's hydrant

Plenty of free parking

She's a brick..

Fixed root pawpad

wooden stork cutout

.. and now, the JaSonic section

Sonic slot machine

Super replaced

Inflatable Pilot

Max Pets

The German Shepherd Channel

Being a Dog is great stuff!

Visit Radiolaw

Dirty spammer section

Proposed 2018 Logo featuring a Big fat Briard we all knew
Briard from Marred With Children

It's the Dog's Biz.. from Four-eyes

Sonic's Saturday Safety Dance wallpaper

Dogface Section

Bou is coming!

Not So Dark

Wendy's Romeo Credit

Racey in Jacket and Jolly

Zen pup Ommmm

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Learn how to hug from these Dogs

Plush Dogface

Morph Morph!

I'm down here in the Lab

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Muffin and friend

Trapped in plush next phase

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"If these dog obsessed degenerates can’t be bothered

"Among the human race we don't have people wanting to look

"Symphony and opera lovers now bathe

As heard on some previous show

Wynne Anderson term paper, Pirate Radio

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