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Doggy Radio is a megamix of the underground radio sound and free-form FM, with the focus on Dogs. The hosts Boomer The Dog and Ricochet Sheepdog could play almost anything. . . Doggy Radio show Blog

Doggy Radio podcast 4-16-18

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Rocky the floppy Dog with a floppy disk

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Legends of radio - 4-16-18

Late night radio talk show host Art Bell passes away. He was a king of late night radio in the 1990s, to the early 2000s. We also note that only a small percentage of commercial AM and FM radio is not in bankruptcy right now.

More barking about Isle Of Dogs, the movie from Wes Anderson, as Ric gets to see it several more times. Ric finds David DeLouise in more Doggie B-movies, like Pup Star, and Boom finds David in a few more too. We have to watch A Talking Cat !?! and A Magic Puppy, with a boyfriend who gets turned into a Bulldog. Ric found some great shopping bags that have Dogs all over them in fancy artwork, photos and clipart.

The JaSonic Moment, Positive Hedgehog, and offering JaSonic some relationship advice. Doing taxes, Waiting at Wendy's, the Dogs in Trash Island are not clean because they're Dogs in a trash dump! Go and see Isle Of Dogs. Macy's Back Stage ad on Adam Carolla's podcast must have been targeted to Ric's download in Cleveland. Flooding at Sheepy's, The Rock's new movie with a Collie. David DeLouise was the dad in Pup Star, and the henchman in Abner.

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Doggy Radio project staff
Ricochet Sheepdog Ricochet is a long time radio giant. Starting when he was but a pup, and working at several call signs both commercial and college. He's now in Guam like 80% of people that invested in radio school. The good thing is, he's well schooled in how to woof to you on the radio and be entertaining, or something. He does it all for you Rod. The hip people are going to see. Oh yeah, he's an Old English Sheepdog and co-creator of the Doggy Radio programme (which is way too much credit.)
Boomer Boomer The Dog, a Pyrenean Shepherd, lookin' like a mutt, a Dog who desperately wants to be a black, straight physically gay Human, satanic, hispanic quad-sexual ice cream truck driver. ..and exactly how will broadcasting help to achieve those goals?

Thunderstruck 2018

Stereo AM Dogs do it with frequency 689.985

Thunder 2018 chalk

Kentucky Pagoda Slide

Gettin' beverage

My old KY Home

Toilets still need help

Air Peanut

It's my vacation

Isle four Dogs

Through The sMall

Pabst at the Cumberland

Madison Poop 2018

It's gone man, gone

Subway Madison no more

Reading Doggie

Coffee filaments

Roo Roo Roosters Louisville

Enough to share

Bridge Over The Ohio 2018

Save Ferris

Imported from Madison

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Pup Star 3 is coming!

Hi Yaa! - JULIO

The Puppy Sister

Halloween at the Puppy Sister house

Mikki rated it: it was amazing

This book shaped my childhood. I was convinced that if Aleasha could change herself into a human, I could change myself into a dog in the same way. Thus, half of my elementary school days were spent practicing howling, barking, growling, and learning dog behaviour. I was a complete weirdo, but now I'm considered an expert on dogs (among my peers in my community), soooo.... I consider it a win. This book is positively magical.

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Ric asked to keep this shepherd

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Springer Boom

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"4. Most of the monsters we read about in stories are easy to imagine because they are combinations of different animals or animals and people. .."

- The 3M Sound Page student learning system

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Wynne Anderson term paper, Pirate Radio

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