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The Dog

Doggy Radio is a megamix of the underground radio sound and free-form FM, with the focus on Dogs. The hosts Boomer The Dog and Ricochet Sheepdog could play almost anything. . . Doggy Radio show Blog

Doggy Radio podcast 1-15-18

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Rocky the floppy Dog with a floppy disk

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A newer audio format for browser play called Opus, with this week's show.

Soggy Doggy

Open with Ric's experience hearing manager and crew chatter at a fast food restaurant, with customers in the store. Boom's latest video is out on World Of Weird, a piece done with Ben Shires of Lion TV, and finally made it on line for world viewing. Johnny Carson's Tea Time with school for veteranarians, cosmetic surgery for Dogs, augment your Dogs' breasts.

Meat discussion Chipped Ham that is popular in our areas, extremely thin sliced meat. Some people like potted meat product. Ric's having trouble with his e-mail and has to call his old dial-up provider about it, where he keeps his address. Wondering about old dial-up ISPs and if they're still around, like Boom's old one called Liberty. Soggy Doggy is a new toy, a game with a rubbery Dog that you wet, and if you make a wrong move on the board, he might shake water on you. Toy reviews with LPS Dave and Butch, a tiny toy talking Dog.

Boom watching Liquid TV from MTV, old episodes, with Dogboy, Beavis and Butthead and other Dog things like Poodles from another planet, and their leader, Zarex, who looks a lot like Soggy Doggy, and is the exact same color. Ric's mom needs a new DVD player. Watching all the video we collect, like Columbo. Beverly Hillbillies went to London and Granny treated a Sheepdog in a sick bed, thinking he was a person who got all hairy, and it was 'worse than we thought'. Before the web, all we had to go on to see people change into Dogs were shows like I Dream Of Jeannie and Bewitched. There's a whole fandom of Littlest Pet Shop. Live Dogs play the Soggy Doggy game, and they 'chew' to talk and words are dubbed in, like old time Doggie talking.

Now the JaSonic Moment, the Positive Hedgehog with why JaSonic threw his Sonic fursuit away. Everyone at the Action Center joined in for the wheel chair dancing class. Ric's pictures, Euclid Square Mall being torn down. It's going to become an Amazon distribution center. Lego Oprah a guy and a German Shepherd grilling hot Dogs, the finest in plastic meat. Del Donahost's Folks feature. Going to Record Exchange and getting an album by Ricochet, country. Gwar goes to hell. Boom has several thermometers stuck on the mail box to really see the temperature. Ric's kitchen window thermometer is broken and was reading 82. Dog crackers, Boom's version of the Tale of the Incredible crackers, done with real crackers and cut out pictures from a cracker box, Garfield and other items.

Saving pencil scruffy drawings of Dogs for next week.

Ric beer

Doggy Radio project staff
Ricochet Sheepdog Ricochet is a long time radio giant. Starting when he was but a pup, and working at several call signs both commercial and college. He's now in Guam like 80% of people that invested in radio school. The good thing is, he's well schooled in how to woof to you on the radio and be entertaining, or something. He does it all for you Rod. The hip people are going to see. Oh yeah, he's an Old English Sheepdog and co-creator of the Doggy Radio programme (which is way too much credit.)
Boomer Boomer The Dog, a Pyrenean Shepherd, lookin' like a mutt, a Dog who desperately wants to be a black, straight physically gay Human, satanic, hispanic quad-sexual ice cream truck driver. ..and exactly how will broadcasting help to achieve those goals?

World Of Woof

Radio Dogs do it with frequency 689.985

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We Have The Unswept Floors

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New Cheap Therm

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Proposed 2018 Logo featuring a Big fat Briard we all know
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The show had a fetish for Boom's art

Ben and Boom

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Horrible Yu2ube comment: "I would buy his art"

"It's a massive evolution of a fetish"

Dog wall 1991

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"Symphony and opera lovers now bathe

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