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Freeform radio - What the leash and collar set does for entertainment

The Dog

Doggy Radio is a megamix of the underground radio sound and free-form FM, with the focus on Dogs. The hosts Boomer The Dog and Ricochet Sheepdog could play almost anything. . . Doggy Radio show Blog

Doggy Radio podcast 3-12-18

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Rocky the floppy Dog with a floppy disk

Page player with the 3-19-18 Doggy Radio show

A newer audio format for browser play called Opus, with this week's show.

Nutterbutter - 3-12-18

A tribute to the character Winchester from MASH, as David Ogden Steirs passes away. Jay Thomas, who passed last year is not tributed at the Oscars.

Open Door Coffee, Dunkin Donuts credit, Ric's DD credit, Umphrey's McGee's new album, Ministry's latest meh. Slop grey McDonald's. There's a smaller version of Ric's 'Surface' HOM ultimate clipboard. Walm's Family Napkins are better quality.

Ric got the Paddington original DVD and watched it with his mom. Boom thought Kutan wrote. Scooby Dee is a real character after all, a white Great Dane.

Mr. Nutterbutter was a squirrely costume on the John Oliver show. Thanks to Four-eyes for the tip on Nutterbutter and the Bizarro comic. The latex Dog head masks like the Eagles team wore as underdogs in football are now sold on Welm's website. Netflix is coming out with a new Lost In Space. TV Funhouse Dogs Rover and Spot do a Dog themed show.

Looking at Boom's drawings of Paddington, a zen Dog, and taking care of morphs like the Labrador morph and Muffinry this week.

Ric beer

Doggy Radio project staff
Ricochet Sheepdog Ricochet is a long time radio giant. Starting when he was but a pup, and working at several call signs both commercial and college. He's now in Guam like 80% of people that invested in radio school. The good thing is, he's well schooled in how to woof to you on the radio and be entertaining, or something. He does it all for you Rod. The hip people are going to see. Oh yeah, he's an Old English Sheepdog and co-creator of the Doggy Radio programme (which is way too much credit.)
Boomer Boomer The Dog, a Pyrenean Shepherd, lookin' like a mutt, a Dog who desperately wants to be a black, straight physically gay Human, satanic, hispanic quad-sexual ice cream truck driver. ..and exactly how will broadcasting help to achieve those goals?

Rover's Bar Grill

Stereo Dogs do it with frequency 689.985

Rover and Aldi

Aldi first time


Dunkin Credit Arbys Kuben

Higest Quality


Was Family Video?

Double double stacks

Panda Express

Yerman Yeppard 2018

Skype Year Of The Dog

Not Hard To Cook RNR With A Seasoned Pot

Analog TV

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Dirty spammer section

Proposed 2018 Logo featuring a Big fat Briard we all knew
Briard from Marred With Children

FE Section

One of the New Yorker Dogs


Dogface Section

Boomer Biscuit Disco Hour

Lasagne and Rosie

Rosie title



Talkin' Dog

A burglar came

Learn how to hug from these Dogs

Morph Morph!

Morph no. this week: 0.0 morphs

"If these dog obsessed degenerates can’t be bothered

"Among the human race we don't have people wanting to look

"Symphony and opera lovers now bathe

As heard on some previous show

Wynne Anderson term paper, Pirate Radio

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